Tanker delt på Camino del Norte

“The Way will show itself as we walk it”. (mig).

“Your bread has more Brain in it ?” Shelly, Australia… Often hearing me wrong, which started many good laughs. I said “grain”.

“The purpose of Life is to be immersed in and surrounded by Love” (Chris Conroy, shopkeeper Bali and/or HR boss, Dubai)

“Get out of your own Way” (Jackie Jarvis, coach, author, London)…

“You have a lot to give”. Chris

“Oh Ricky; your so fine”🎶… Many people.

A bad habit, or something you struggle to let go of, is fulfilling some need. Find out what that is and replace the habit with a better way to meet that need. Jackie.

“You are very, very considerate”. Chris.

Flere kommer…

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